Why Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ is the Best BBQ in Cincinnati

If you plan on making an outstanding barbeque, you’ve got to use fire and never gas. We can make a barbeque using the same technique, rubs, and sauces, but the difference between an okay barbeque and a great one is in the fire. The magic lies in what you put the meat on. The best way to do it is to start the fire then make a bed of coals. After throwing wood on the coal, you should wait a bit before putting the meat. This is because if you don’t give the wood some time to get ready, it will smolder, resulting in an overly smoke-filled fire. Sometimes, for whatever reason, people put in the meat immediately, and they end up with an annoyingly smoky fire. To make a great barbecue, you have to be patient. If you rush the process, you will end up with a creosote-tasting barbecue. The thing about raw meat is that it’s similar to a sponge. It takes in the smoke into its entire cell and fiber all the way to the bone. Burning wood emits more than the smoke you can see, it also emits some volatile flavor that changes the way your meat tastes, just like cut onions create aroma when cooking food. The ideal fire to make a barbecue is one in which you can barely see the smoke. Jimmy Emig loves using cherry and hickory because of their floral note and soft smoke.

So, what are Jim’s secret ingredients? Well, it’s rather simple. Jim Emig recommends that you should spice the ribs and chicken one day prior to cooking them. However, this does not apply to the pulled pork. The rubs should be standard, ensure that you use onion garlic, pepper, and paprika. Throw some sugar and salt into it, some cayenne pepper, black tea and oregano, and Bob’s your uncle! Frozen meat is a no-go zone, and you should never under any circumstances use frozen meat if you hope to make a great barbecue. Extremely cold temperatures weaken the meat’s cell walls causing all the tasty juices to seep out. When you make a barbecue using frozen meat, you will end up with a dry product. It’s simple physics, and that’s how they do it at Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ in Cincinnati.


If you are looking for a place that offers some of the best barbeques in Cincinnati, you need to look no further than Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ. The restaurant is best suited for families and people who want to have a great barbecue without breaking the bank. What you can expect from Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ is one of the best hospitality services offered in a laid-back family-friendly atmosphere. Also, you are guaranteed that all the meals served are fresh and do not contain any artificial ingredients. Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ is conveniently located and can be easily accessed from downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The location, quality of service, and well-priced meal ensure that your experience at Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ is a win-win.