Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ’s menu features a delicious selection of dishes, including chicken, juicy pulled pork, dry-rubbed ribs, and fresh-cut briskets. The barbecue is well prepared and sauced in order to bring out the best flavor. The macaroni and sauces offered at Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ are remarkable. The side dishes are also quite good. Cornbread and green beans are perhaps Jim Dandy’s most popular side dishes. The sweet cornbread goes quite well with the barbecue, and the baked beans are quite appealing to the tastebuds.

The Saratoga chips are also terrific, and could easily rival Grippo’s potato chips. In other words, there is nothing to dislike about the menu. Drinks are also available, and you can pair your meal with a drink from Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ’s full bar. Everything on Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ’s menu is reasonably priced, which is great because it’s a win-win experience. Many quality meals run below $15, and you will have nothing but smiles for finding such a bargain. The restaurant also offers a professional and efficient valet service, as well as a rack where you can park your bicycle while enjoying your barbeque. Other than the dining service, Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ also offers a takeout service, as well as a catering service for parties and graduations.

Conveniently located on Sharon Rd. in Cincinatti (next door to the collector Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group) Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ is a family favorite. Nothing beats a fresh meal, especially when it is served with a smile and a prayer from Jim Emig. It is not hard to imagine why what began as a hobby turned out to be a successful business. The delicious food and personal attention guests receive has ensured that the restaurant develops a loyal following from its customers.

Minding Your Bs and Qs

With over 30 years of experience in the pit, it is safe to say that Jim Emig knows a thing or two about making a great barbecue. His advice will help you mind your Bs and Qs. You may understand great BBQ, but you have little control over it. The wind direction, the humidity, the sun–all these factors influence the outcome you get in the pit. Admittedly, some barbecues are better than others. The best barbeque Jim Emig ever made since he was making barbecue on roadsides in the 1980s until opening Jim Dandy in 2001, was on one morning after heavy rain. The sun was shining brightly, but there was significant humidity in the air. This combination of events was very helpful since it prevented the barbeque from shrinking.